The City Design Collective (CDC) is an urban design firm with expertise in the planning, design, and revitalization of city disticts.  We are award-winning professionals in the fields of urban design, landscape architecture, architecture, and land use economics, who share a passion for the value of meaningful and successful urban places, and their impact on the life and vitality of a community.

The CDC assists communities to achieve their envisioned future.  We share a track record of working closely with communities to plan for the successful growth and development of economically vital city districts, to design and build attractive streets, plazas, and public open spaces that catalyze and support envisioned change, and to put in place user-friendly policies that attract and guide desired investment.

The CDC takes a comprehensive approach to City Design, combining creative urban design and public dialog with sound land use and economic analyses, in order to create real places, for real people.

CDC Team