District Revitalization

Successful city districts increase overall community amenity by serving as unique and vital places for residents and visitors.  The CDC has a successful track record of working with communities throughout California to plan for growth and revitalization.  Our land use, economic, and form-based policies and regulations have assisted our client/communities to successfully revitalize downtowns, residential and mixed-use neighborhoods, commercial and workplace districts, waterfronts, and other unique districts.

Circle-S Masterplan: San Pablo, CA

Waterfront Specific Plan: Rio Vista, CA

Downtown Specific Plan: Riverbank, CA

Colusa Downtown Revitalization Plan

The ability of well-structured and richly contextual city districts to enhance livability and ensure long term vitality is at the core of our collaborative practice.  We embrace a thorough analysis of historic context, current economics and patterns of development, and future goals, and work closely with our community partners to craft a vision that will withstand the test of time.

Our multidisciplinary team works openly and collaboratively; we understand that any change to existing environments including revitalization, infill, and redevelopment efforts requires community support to be successful in the long run.  Throughout the Planning and Design process we employ proven methods to encourage positive public dialog; we listen carefully, and work closely with key decision makers to see the vision through to fruition.  We raise expectations, and work together to achieve excellence.

The CDC’s comprehensive approach to District Revitalization:

  • Revitalization and growth strategies are designed in accordance with the community’s vision for growth and change.
  • Economic analysis of development trends, and a thorough investigation into relevant investor and consumer preferences form the foundation for strategic policies and regulations.
  • Land use policies are custom designed to attract and enable a range of desired new investment while reducing overall investor risk.  Flexibility is created to allow for changes in investor and consumer preferences while ensuring that new investment supports the community’s vision for growth.
  • Form-based development regulations ensure that new investment builds on the best of local character, and contributes attractive buildings, landscapes, and open spaces in support of the community’s vision.
  • Streetscape designs and capital improvement recommendations create an attractive and functional public realm designed to catalyze new investment and support walkability and transit access and mobility.
  • All City Design Collective projects incorporate a dynamic planning process custom designed to meet our client / community’s particular needs and preferences.

More District Revitalization Projects

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