Form Based Codes

City Design Collective form-based codes emphasize key aspects of urban fabric and built forms to ensure that future development supports the community’s vision for growth.

To attract new investment, CDC form-based codes establish a range of complementary land uses that may be permitted by-right or conditionally permitted throughout the Plan Area.  To control the look of future development, CDC form-based employ regulations to govern site development, building types, frontage types, architectural styles, landscapes and open spaces that may be applied with varying degrees of flexibility throughout the Plan Area so as to ensure a predictable and desirable physical outcome.

Our development codes employ custom graphics, diagrams, and illustrations to communicate a range of development standards and design guidelines in a clear and user-friendly format.

Working hand-in-hand with form-based regulations, custom land use definitions provide flexibility to attract a range of desirable new investment.

The CDC’s comprehensive approach to Form-based codes:

  • Standards and guidelines for all aspects of site development.
  • Flexibility to attract new investment in accordance with investor and consumer preferences.
  • Custom architectural standards and design guidelines to streamline design review.
  • Attractive, user-friendly documents for ease of implementation.

Download the “CDC Introduction to Form-Based Codes” (PDF)